ICFNY’s Sustainable Community Educational Centers: Smarter, Greener and Competitive

ICFNY will build innovative “green” community educational centers so that neighborhood kids will have a place to study, learn and socialize after school and on weekends. The centers will provide an array of services to children from low-income families such as art, music and science lessons, and free tutoring session programs; thus building upon the “community school” concept.

Through the community educational centers, intellectual stimulation consisting of canoe trips and language and music camps will be available in the summer for children from low-income families in the respective neighborhoods.

Also during the summer months, children at the educational centers will be required to read for an hour each day in order to prevent them from falling back in reading comprehension — because many don’t read at home.

To prepare neighborhood children for standardized tests, the city’s gifted and talented program, and the PSAT and SAT tests, the educational centers will provide free test readiness camps and tutoring sessions.

Our goal is to have low-income students take the Specialized High Schools Admission Test and get accepted into specialized schools throughout New York City. In addition, we want underserved kids to get into college, stay and graduate!