STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Education

To add to low-income children’s development, ICFNY will build modern educational community centers so that neighborhood kids will have a place to socialize, learn and study after school and on Saturdays.

Since poverty keeps thousands of children in New York City annually from reaching their full potential in school, the primary goal of ICFNY is to pinpoint concrete ways in which the Foundation, our partners, and ICFNY’s future community educational centers, can act to ensure that underserved children in New York City receive the educational resources they need to help themselves move forward. One of the ways we will accomplish this is to assist the educational centers we build in developing a demanding, enrichment curriculum consisting of math, science, arts, technology, engineering, and chess. The educational programs we develop, such as our robotics initiative, will be comprehensive and fun.

All the educational centers under the auspices of ICFNY will have a strong emphasis on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) education. STEM + Arts = STEAM  (We understand the importance of integrating the arts with science, technology, engineering, and math in student learning in order to connect with all the students we serve.)

The children under the auspices of ICFNY will be taught in a competitive environment where the experience will primarily be hands-on and interactive.

The community centers will provide an array of educational and social services to children from low-income families. To this end, ICFNY will be building upon the “community school” model, which we believe is needed in underserved communities.

Because ICFNY realizes that too many children bring insurmountable problems to school with them that hinder learning, we will concentrate on funding a balanced meal program (breakfast and lunch) for our children on Saturdays. Good nutrition is critical for healthy child development!

Concerning instructors, ICFNY will place a strong emphasis on recruiting only properly credentialed, high-performing college graduates for teaching positions at our community centers since we also believe that student achievement is highly dependent on ” teacher” quality and creativity in the classroom.

Instructors will be encouraged, and expected, to be active scholars in their subjects and teaching.

And through CRI, our core program at ICFNY, we will continue to provide support to our students while they are in college by providing mentorship to each student to ensure their college graduation.

STEM education is the center of ICFNY’s CRI. For example, to encourage the taking of STEM courses while in high school and college and to increase interest in science and engineering, we will help our students develop robotic and rocketry teams with the goal of entering regional and national tournaments to show them that STEM education can be fun. Our aim is to increase access to STEM education can be fun. Our aim is to increase access to STEM education for marginalized youth. We want our students to excel in this curriculum while in high school and continue to embrace the importance of STEM while in college. With STEM education, our students will be well prepared to compete in the global economy.

There is a critical need for the type of service ICFNY is implementing for children in underserved communities of New York City. Especially when taking into account that the UCLA Civil Rights Project reports that NY State has the most segregated public schools in the nation. The report shows that sixty-five percent of New York’s black students attend overwhelmingly nonwhite schools, compared with forty-five percent in Mississippi. As a result, poor kids in New York State, and especially in New York City, are underserved educationally due to lack of resources, etc. Therefore, however bold and challenging this vision is, it is a vision that must be achieved. The question is: Who will do this? Who will transform educationally poor neighborhoods in New York City? The answer is ICFNY! ICFNY has accepted the task of creating meaningful social change for at-risk youth in New York City and is willing to start building a strong educational legacy that will benefit them in this great city.